Celebrating Young Writers and Speakers: A Showcase of Talent at North Cardiff Primary School

Rotary Llanishen President Ian Germain recently had the privilege of presenting certificates at the North Cardiff Primary School Essay and Youth Speaking Competition, held at Llanishen High School. The event was a vibrant display of youthful creativity and eloquence, showcasing the remarkable talent of the next generation.

The competition featured two Rotary programs: Rotary Young Writer and Rotary Youth Speaks. These initiatives are designed to foster writing prowess and public speaking skills among young people, providing them with valuable opportunities for personal growth and self-expression.

The Rotary Young Writer competition encourages participants to unleash their imagination through prose and poetry. This year, entrants were tasked with crafting a piece on a theme. From heartfelt stories to poignant poems, the submissions reflected a depth of creativity and insight, showcasing the remarkable talent of these young writers.

Meanwhile, the Rotary Youth Speaks competition provided a platform for young speakers to articulate their thoughts on topical subjects. With poise and confidence, participants tackled a range of issues, from societal challenges to personal reflections. Their speeches were a testament to the power of youth voices and the importance of fostering effective communication skills.

As President Germain handed out certificates to the winners, the room buzzed with excitement and pride. It was clear that these young writers and speakers had not only demonstrated talent but also dedication and perseverance.

The North Cardiff Primary School Essay and Youth Speaking Competition serves as a shining example of Rotary’s commitment to youth development. Through initiatives like these, Rotary aims to empower the leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

In closing, President Germain expressed his admiration for the participants’ hard work and creativity, urging them to continue pursuing their passions with zeal and determination.