Llanishen Rotary have put up the Xmas tree outside the Hub in Llanishen village. Unfortunately, the Covid Pandemic and all the restrictions that go with it have severely limited what Llanishen Rotary Club can do around Christmas this year.

We love taking Santa’s Sleigh round the streets, the children are great fun. Sadly, we won’t be able to do it this year, and we can’t go to the Supermarkets either. We have not been able to hold the Christmas Lights event either.

As it normally attracts over 1500 people it would be hard to keep a distance and the schools aren’t able to run Choirs for the time being so the entertainment would be a bit lacking too! Even the Lights themselves have been affected.

After discussions with Cardiff’s Covid team we have decided we can’t put the lights in the Churchyard as usual either. However, thanks to generous help from Reginald Moore and Co, particularly David with his big machine, we have managed to erect the Christmas tree outside the Hub. Let’s hope we are able to get back to more celebration next year!