Foodbank Donations

In times of difficulty, the power of simple acts of kindness shines the brightest. On Wednesday, 20th, our community demonstrated this beautifully by coming together to support those in need.

The generous donations collected that day amounted to 167.9 kilograms, providing three days of supplies for 17 local individuals. This heartfelt effort was part of a larger initiative that culminated in a remarkable total of 1,894.5 kilograms throughout 2023, aiding 184 people in their time of need.

To everyone who played a part, whether through contributions or volunteering, we extend our sincere gratitude. Your generosity has made a tangible difference, offering essential supplies and a message of hope to those facing challenging circumstances.

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to continuing this spirit of giving in the new year. Your compassion has created a community that thrives on support and kindness, proving that even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact.

Thank you for being the driving force behind a year filled with meaningful community assistance.