Llanishen Rotary Club Switch on the Lights

The festive season in Llanishen Village was kickstarted in a spectacular fashion as the Llanishen Rotary
Club hosted the much-anticipated annual Christmas lights switch-on event. This year’s event, held on a
crisp December evening, was not just a celebration of holiday lights but also marked the opening of
Santa’s Grotto, a magical attraction for children and families in the community.

As dusk fell over Llanishen Village, residents and visitors gathered in the heart of the village, wrapped in
warm coats and scarves, their breath visible in the cold air. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and
holiday spirit, with local choirs adding to the festive mood by singing classic Christmas carols.This year
we had a special solo performance by Olly of Jeffey Ross which was a very special moment

The highlight of the evening was the switch-on ceremony. Members of the Llanishen Rotary Club, along
with some special guests, took to the stage to countdown to the grand illumination. Children’s faces lit up
with wonder as the village was bathed in a warm, festive glow from the thousands of twinkling lights. This
year’s display was particularly impressive

Following the switch-on, the crowd was ushered towards Santa’s Grotto, a new addition to this year’s
festivities. The Grotto, a beautifully decorated cabin festooned with lights and holiday decorations, .
Inside, Santa Claus awaited, ready to listen to the children’s Christmas wishes and hand out early

The event also served as a reminder of the Rotary Club’s commitment to community service. Funds
raised from the evening’s activities, including donations for visiting Santa’s Grotto, will go towards local
charities and community projects. This initiative underlines the Rotary Club’s ongoing efforts to support
and enhance the local community, especially during the holiday season.

The Llanishen Rotary Club’s Christmas lights switch-on event not only brought light and joy to the village
but also reinforced the sense of community and togetherness that makes Llanishen Village a special
place during the holiday season.